Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Blog Post #12

An image of a computer being unlocked by a key which represents the world

Blog Post 12 Due 4/17
1.   Darren cannell: You can’t be my teacher (2:09)
      For this week’s blog post 12, you are assigned to watch the video, You can't be my teacher by Darren Cannell. The video is 2 minutes, 9 seconds long.  After watching the video, write two or more paragraphs on your reaction to the video.  Do you agree or disagree? Is it ok to be a technologically illiterate teacher?
      Here is my reaction to the post for the assignment I created:
      The video, "You can't be my teacher," was created by a child and his dad.  Mr. Cannell, the dad, explains how technology is a tool that is used for education.  He explains that teachers need to be preparing students for how they are going to live. I found this video to be very important.  I totally agree with the message being stated in this video. 

      In my opinion teachers really need to be technologically literate.  Why do I believe that? Well, the world continues grow technologically and if we has future teachers do not decide to change with it, we are going to be left behind.  We as future teachers must wake up and see that the world is changing and we need to change with it. 

      When I first saw the title for this video, I thought to myself hmm, I should check this out.  As I began watching it, I said to myself that is so true, that little boy is so smart.  This video reminded me of the video or actually the question that Dr. Strange stated at the beginning of the semester, "Should teachers be technologically literate?"  I thought this video went hand in hand with his question. 


  1. What a great video to suggest! While I thought the video was cute, it also made me think. As teachers we have to make sure that we are preparing our students for the world of tomorrow. We can not simply teach them enough to pass a test and then forget about it. I know I would not want my son to have a teacher that never used computers and would not show them how to use the computers responsibly. You were right to say that if we don't start using more technology in the classroom, then we are going to be left behind. Great job on the assignment and good luck with the rest of the class!

  2. Very relevant and cute find. I decided to watch a couple more of Cannell's videos and found one that had this question in it... Do we need to revolutionize the whole system, or are their parts of our educational structure worth saving? I think this question is an important one to think about as we enter our classrooms and design our curriculum presentation for our kids. Once again, great find! It really got me thinking!