Wednesday, April 13, 2011

C4K # 9

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Getting to Know Mrs. Yollis:
I must first mention that I would love to travel as well as be a great educator just as Mrs. Yollis.  I admire her for teaching for twenty-four years and how she continues to enjoy every minute of it.  I also admire her for traveling to learn about new ideas to take back to her students.  I especially like what she stated,” I am very fortunate.  I love being a teacher and a lifelong learner too.”  This is exactly what I have stated before, to be a lifelong learner.  When I become an educator, I will be willing to learn about any new technology tools, especially if it means it will benefit my students.  One other important statement that stood out to me was, “Working alongside parents to bring out the best in their children gives me great satisfaction.”  I especially agree that including the parents in on the student(s) education is extremely important.  I personally want to be able to include the parents in on the different activities, assignments, etc., whenever I become a future educator.
The Bloggers:
As I have stated before, seeing young students blogging just amazes me!  Especially, due to me just now learning how to blog.  These third graders probably are better at blogging as well as having much more experience than I do.  While reading about these third graders, I love how Mrs. Yollis listed some of their hobbies.  I am sure that the students’ love this.  I can only imagine how excited these students’ are to see that they can be viewed all around the world.
Video: How to Comment:
I really love that Mrs. Yollis put this helpful video on her blog.  I really like how Mrs. Yollis went into detail and showed specifically where to go and how to leave a comment.  This is a very useful video for parents, students, or any other person for that matter who is unfamiliar with blogging. 
Learn HTML Code:
Mrs. Yollis’ post on HTML codes was exceptionally helpful.  I actually learned a few tricks myself.  I also like how she left a list of the different codes as well as how she posted a video on how to use the HTML codes.  By Mrs. Yollis putting a link on her classroom blog helps the students as well as others reading the blog whenever they may need help in remembering the different codes.  Whenever a student or any person for that matter may forget a HTML code, all one would have to do, is click on Mrs. Yollis’ link on the classroom blog.
Time Zones of Friends:
What a great idea to post the different time zones of the people that Mrs. Yollis as well as her class comes into contact with.  I have never seen any teacher do this on his or her classroom blog page.  I absolutely love this idea!!!
Learn About California:
Here again, I really like how she posted a video of the state in which they live.  By putting this on her classroom blog, this allows others to get to know where the students’ as well as where she is from.  I would love to place a link, "Learning About Alabama,” on my future classroom blog just as Mrs. Yollis has done to allow others to get to know a little about where my future students’ and myself are from. 
Learn How to Shoot Digital Images:
Mrs. Yollis included a link on the top of her classroom blog page for viewers to click on.  The link takes viewers to two videos.  The first video shows some great tips on how to take correct and incorrect pictures as well as videos.  I especially liked how she placed a second video for backup just in case the first video would not work. 
I admire Mrs. Yollis for her exceptional blog, being an educator, as well as being a lifelong learner.  I also love how she includes the parents in on the student’s education.  I found that all of her links that she used on her classroom blog were very helpful for her students’ as well as others.  Just by looking and reading Mrs. Yollis' classroom blog, it looks like she is doing a fabulous job with the third graders.  I hope to carry some of the techniques that Mrs. Yollis uses as well as her encouraging words, with me as I pursue my degree in education. 

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