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C4K Summary #'s 7, 8, 9, and 10

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C4K # 7

For this week's assignment, I was required to comment on a specific post by Mr. McClung.  The post was entitled, "Lessons Learned: Lesson Four-March Madness." In his post he talked about the NCAA tournament.  He spoke about how he absolutely loved basketball.  He
also mentioned the term bracket.  I responded to Mr. McClung by saying:

Call me crazy but I do not watch basketball on televison. I would rather watch it in person. My husband on the other hand loves it!  I hate to admit this but I really did not know what a bracket was or maybe I just knew another term fcr it, who knows.  I certainly know what it means now.  Thanks for allowing me to learn something new!!

C4K # 8

The Comment for Kids for week 8, I was assigned to read the blog entitled, "Year 6L:       Keeping up with a connected classroom" and comment on the post entitled, "Week in review 03/03/11." This post was about how a student learned how to make games using the program Scratch.  I responded to this student by saying:

This is a great idea!!  I bet that creating games is so much fun.  I have never heard of a program called Scratch.  I will have to see what that is all about. I wonder if I could create a game. You must be a very creative person to do such a thing.  Good for you!!  Keep up the good work and thank you so much for allowing me to read your blog post.  I also have a blog and you are welcome to explore so here is a link to my blog as well as my class blog..
my blog and check out the edm class blog

C4K # 9

For this week's C4K, I was assigned to explore and comment on Mrs. Yollis' Classroom Blog.  I was required to leave a response for Mrs. Yollis as well as her student bloggers.  Here is the comment that I left for them:
Dear Mrs. Yollis and Student Bloggers,
My name is Tiffany Blanton and I am a student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama under the instruction of Dr. Strange.  This is such a great blog!  It is so nice to be able to read and comment on this blog.  I love how the students are so involved. I have enjoyed checking out this classroom blog and I have learned some very useful techniques. Thank you!  I personally love that the month of April is set aside for Family Blogging.  I love this idea because it allows the parents, grandparents, etc. to get involved.  Keep up the great work!  I certainly will be checking back to see all the great things yet to come.  Thank you Mrs. Yollis, as well as the students’, for allowing me to view as well as comment on your blog.
Tiffany Blanton
I also was assigned to post a detailed summary about Mrs. Yollis and her blog page then post it on my blog.  Here is just a little summary of what I posted on my blog post assignment.  You can also read the blog post just by scrolling down and then find the post entitled, "Blog Post # 9."  While exploring Mrs. Yollis' blog I clicked on all of the links on her page.  She has some very interesting links.  The tabs included everything from learning how to shoot digital images, the different time zones, to getting to know the bloggers.  Mrs. Yollis had a very interesting blog and I found all of her links and advice or inspiration to be very helpful.  I admire her for learning new ways to reach out to her students and just for going the extra mile.

C4K # 10

For this week's Comment for Kids, I was assigned to read and comment on Mrs. Yollis' third grade student  named Miriam.  Miriam had the opportunity to have her own blog page entitled, "Miriam's Magical Moments" unlike some of the other students' in Mrs. Yollis' class.  The blog post that I was required to read and comment on Miriam's blog was entitled, "Hawaiian Volcanoes."  In Miriam's post she talked about her exciting trips that included her parents.  Miriam and her parents went to visit an active volcano as well as walk through a rain forest.  I responded to Miriam by saying:

I find it truly amazing that you have the opportunity to have your own blog for Mrs. Yollis' class.  I also find it amazing to see that you and your family went to see an active volcano. Wow!!  Your pictures are very good and it looks like that everyone had a great time.  I would absolutely love to walk through a rain forest.  I have always wanted to travel so some day maybe I will get the chance.  Keep exploring and I will keep checking back in to see all the great places you get to visit.  If you would like to view my blog here is a link to it as well as the class blog
..visit My Blog and check out the EDM Class Blog

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