Thursday, April 14, 2011

Blog Post # 13

An image that says alex which stands for alabama learning exchange

Personally, I have never been introduced to the ALEX website before now, but I have learned so much just by looking over the webpage.  This is what I have learned so far:
ALEX stands for the Alabama Learning Exchange.  Alex is a project done by the Alabama Department of Education to help current teachers as well as future educators.  The ALEX webpage has many helpful tabs to click on.  The tabs include: courses of study, lesson plans, web links, professional learning, personal workspace, podcast treasury, ALEXville, and search.
The ALEX webpage is very useful for teachers, future educators, as well as parents.   I especially like this webpage because it is a free place to get information on lesson plans and watch podcast.  Another great thing that the ALEX webpage has to offer is that teachers can create their own lesson plan and be able to share with other educators.  I certainly plan to use the ALEX webpage when I become a future educator.

An image of the ACCESS website and what it stands for

While surfing the ACCESS website I noticed that the word ACCESS stands for: Alabama Connecting Classrooms, Educators, and Students Statewide.  What is the purpose of ACCESS? ACCESS ia a Distance Learning Initiative available to any public high school student in the state of Alabama.  On this webpage one will find links that include: Courses, Educators, Resources, Students, Technical Support, and ways to Contact them.  On this site they describe the goal of using ACCESS as well as the future of it. So check it out!! It is a very interesting program.

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